What is the Lost Child Project?

It is an Idea. It is being created. It is an independent organization. It will be a non-profit organization, who’s aim is to provide support to artists and creators globally. It will connect these people with each other, to create a global network. It will be a support system for people struggling with their own endeavors through creative support. It will be necessary for the growth of an intellectual society. It will grant artists and creative thinkers financial support when needed.

Meaning Behind The Name

I and many people have had the feeling of being lost in this world. And when your lost you feel like a child, desperate and needing someone to be there for you. It is the feeling of being a lost child that most people can relate to. It is the cornerstone of this project.

By being a creator and artist in this world and forming a community around that idea you will gain a sense of belonging in a world where you feel like a lost child.

It's Like A Tree

Artists from our local community will spread like a tree branches out. One separating from another and supporting all that branches off of the next. Roots growing deep beneath the surface to ground the branches reaching for the sky. Creating a network of communication without a central mind except that of what was born out of the seed. The need to grow being ingrained in every cell and being inherited from the separation of the last.

It's My Vision

Who am I? Simply answered I don’t know. People called me Keenan McHale ever since I can remember. I am an american. I have spent many years creating things, at the age of 10 I started designing my own websites in Dreamweaver. At the age of 14 I picked up my first guitar. I have grown up around art. My house had paintings covering the walls and not your typical sailboat in the sea type. I ended up studying music theory and philosophy in college. I started my own music project I called Lost Children Dream or LCD for short. I ended up looking for support from fellow artists and I felt like they were in the same boat as me. So I envisioned a way of creating a support system and network for people who were in shoes like mine.




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