Short-Term Goals

Primary Goals $900
-Register with the state of California as non-profit corporation
-File for tax-exempt status status with the state of California
-File for 501(c)(3) with IRS for federal tax-exemption
Secondary Goals $1500
-Purchase production equipment for Lost Radio
-Purchase web domains
-Upgrade server

Long-Term Goals

Lost Connection(Social Network) $60,000
Lost Radio $10,000
Lease Office Space $30,000
Full Time Staff $100,000
Artist Support $1,000,000+


Currently we do not have non-profit status so any donations made to the Lost Child Project will not be tax-deductable. We are only taking donations to reach our primary goal of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the state and national government. If you would like to donate please send an email for instructions on how to do so.
Thank You!